In an impressively short time, Post Scriptum was signed for a debut album on Function’s Infrastructure NY label, featured on Ostgut Ton limited edition 12 inch, Berghain 07 mix and appeared on Facticity compilation on Infrastructure NY. The above-mentioned releases led to making of live appearances around the worldwide techno music institutions. From the outset, Post Scriptum live performances were evolving and thus providing the impetus for continuous mutation in numerous sound directions. This evolution served as a catalyst for the creation of new music and consequently planted a seed to establish own imprint – Post Scriptum records. Although Post Scriptum’s releases are distinguished by a surgical lab precision, or apocalyptic sci-fi techno thus far, the artist intention is to take a twist of turning away from its current sound and deconstruct electronic music. The faceless producer plans to descend into the nether territories of dark music to embrace rawness, and focus on keeping the spirit of rave movement, which provided the initial fire glow of energy and delirium that helped to shape techno. Artist is also committed to putting listener’s attention and experience of the music at a heart, believing strongly that its disguise triggers even more psychotic and unrefined dark variety of experimental sensibilities.