A shadowy figure, which has been forging links to the techno underground for over 2 decades, Post Scriptum emerged as a fresh and fully formed identity in 2015 via his deep-dive debut album Post Scriptum 01 on Function’s legendary Infrastructure NY record label. Twisting his tunnelling take on mind-expanding techno into sleek cuts equally adept at captivating long-play listeners and big-room ravers, Post Scriptum further honed his craft with appearances on Ostgut Ton, Berghain 07 and the Facticity compilation alongside such industrial techno luminaries as Silent Servant and Vatican Shadow.

With the inception of his own record label PS in 2016 came the Year Zero EP, representing a quantum leap into more distorted textures and ever-harsher beats while still maintaining the deadly sense of surgical precision, which distinguished Post Scriptum from the crowd.

2017 saw an even bolder step forward into the realms of bass-heavy power-noise and more surprising song-writing structures via the Until You Drop EP, released on Adam X’s legendary Sonic Groove label. Fitting effortlessly into a roster which includes fellow veterans of various genres like Orphx and Blush Response, this release sill manages to strike out in directions rarely heard in today’s BPM-focused four-to-the-floor scene, influenced by an ever-evolving live set-up.

The dawning of an ever more apocalyptic-feeling new year does at least promise a barrage of new Post Scriptum material to be unleashed on Sonic Groove, his own label and beyond, plus further forays into the live arena which will see the project incorporate more organic and acoustic elements. Deconstructing and moving beyond the sci-fi aesthetic often employed by electronic genres will allow the project to delve into even darker and more personal subject matter, giving both listeners and clubbers more to chew on and opening up new avenues for experimental sound design. 2018 will see Post Scriptum further tapping into the energy of modern techno as well as the raw psychotic force of peak-period industrial to forge an idiosyncratic path through today’s landscape of fear and ever-present threat.